I feel this - not the politics of it - but the loss of people I love because of this: This Presidency is Killing Relationships—and We're All Grieving nm1.xyz/7rl7mcef

they are so grounded but will probably have jobs waiting for them when they get off probation

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I can't believe I am posting something like this, but it is one of the reasons I start microblogging again. I hate politics - but our current environment makes that impossible to ignore. I want to consider all views - so please help me understand your side of things I want to learn and make educated choices.

Why do I hate every character on Mad Men but still want to re-watch every episode. It's a sickness right

Back at microblogging today... still ironing out the setting of my mastodon instance but making progress

Another article to add to my "Is it the end of the world?" files....

All right. I am back on Mastodon - and am self hosting this time around. Let's give it a go. Need relay recommendations.


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